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23 Δεκεμβρίου 2006

Γιορτινό μήνυμα

who love
to sleep but
always wake up
in a good mood, to those
who still kiss when they say
hello, to those who work hard and
have even more fun, to those who rush to
work, but don't honk at the traffic lights, to
those who arrive late but don't look for excuses,
to those who switch off the t.v. to make conversation,
to happy people when they do twice as much, to those
who wake up early to help a friend, to those who have
the enthusiasm of a child and the thoughts of an adult,
to those who only see black when it is dark, to
those who don't wait
until Christmas time
to be a better
human being
Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!!!


Blogger kosmogyrismenos said...

lexeis stolidia!!

3:25 π.μ.

Blogger divine mitsakos said...

happy genika :)))

3:35 π.μ.

Blogger unapatatras said...

τι ωραίο!!!!!!!!!!!!
χρόνια πολλά και καλά σε όλους!!!

3:09 μ.μ.

Blogger mmg said...

polla xamogelaaaaa
thnxxxx biggg

5:59 μ.μ.

Blogger homelessMontresor said...

Χρόνια σας πολλά παιδιά!
Πάρα πολύ ωραία ετούτη η ευχή!!

3:43 μ.μ.


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